Newbi needs help...How can I move ONE object?

First: Im from germany and my english isnt very well…sorry. I hope you can genarally understand me…I work
only recently with synfig and I almost do not know a lot about it but i want to so much!!!

I try the “Flower Animation” Tutorial on youtube: … re=related

it is actually quite easy I hang only on the control. I know it is described a lot in wiki but exactly what I looks I do not find.
In the video you can see how the man a single object moves to and fro. and rotate it. which button or which buttons has he pressed?
And are there maybe also German instructions?


Hi Osiris871,
welcome to the forum and to the Synfig community.

There is a wiki that we are moving to a new host. In the moving proccess we are reorganizing and better supporting to translations. In the future the new host domain name will be also but in the middle we are living with both servers. There are some german pages there but not all them are translated.

Regarding to your question: The rotate tool (as many of the tools) needs that you select all the ducks before use the tool. Ducks are highlighted when selected. To select the ducks with any tool you have to left click and drag around them with a rectangle or CTRL + left click one by one to add to selection.
Once selected you can rotate the selected ones by click and dragging one of them.

Hope it helps.

Oh thanks a lot. The rotation works!!! :smiley: but how can i move one single object?

Now it all functions. Thanks for your quick help now it can go on!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: synfig is fun if you can it!