New with Synfig

Hello to all!
I’m Gabriel, from Brazil. I’ve been using Open Source software as Inkscape and Gimp since 2004. But just yesterday I came across Synfig.
I’ve worked with illustration and Advertising and but just started with animation. I have HUGE ambitions (hahahaha) and it seems that Synfig is just the software for that kind of project.
I have a small animation that I want to finish first. About 1 minute, with these two characters (made in inkscape):
VPD - characters - 001.png

I just started out, but I’m very enthusiastic with it.
Hope to make friends as well as awesome projects.
All the best!

Hello gabrielstrzal and welcome here …

Can i suggest you to have a look to thewiki / doc / step by step tutorial … you will find there all the necessary to enter in the synfig way of doing simple and complex things… those forum also contains a mountains of resources…

Have fun, and do not hesitate to share your feeling about synfig and to show us your results …

Nota : nice characters …

Hello d.j.a.y.
Thanks for the tips and compliment. :smiley:
I’ll definitely check out the wiki. My first impressions with Synfig are awesome. I’ve tried to do animation in After effects, but is so complex and full of very very detailed options. But Synfig seems more direct and ‘animation oriented’.
As soon as I can I’ll show my results with Synfig.
All the best,