New Web Series - Help Wanted!

[size=150]Urgent! Looking for Storyboard Artists (and possibly Animators) for web-animation Polar Detective.[/size]

Polar Detective is a web-series, produced and animated by yours truly, along with other artists, writers and voice actors. The story is about this one Sherlock Holmes-esque character (as a baby polar bear) who turns a new leaf to atone for his crimes of stealing food and honey by solving baffling cases. In his adventures with his trusty sidekick (a stoned rabbit) he encounters gruesome villains, deceptive girlfriends, evil capitalists, criminal masterminds, and probably even the devil. It’s the kind of story every Sherlock Holmes / heist-genre / teddy bear lovers would love. The animation features various capabilities of Synfig.

I was looking forward to finishing it by October, but unfortunately with two eProjects down my throat I’ve been stretched too thin. With further responsibilities upon my shoulder in the near future, I’ve realized that I need to distribute some work. As such, I’m looking for a creative / imaginative eyes who can draw Storyboards and animate certain scenes for the web-series based on the script (doesn’t matter if you aren’t good with drawing, so long as you can envision good). Keyframe artists (whether on traditional or tablet artists) are also welcome! Optionally, if you can explain and come up with scene dynamics and aesthetically pleasing cinematography, even better! (Gurren Lagann style? You’re my hero!) Any assistance on the art / planning side would help me finish the first episode in time.

At the same time, I’m also looking for someone who can compose a short opening sequence for the animation, something like this one.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Here’s a teaser screenshot:

why are you stealing the food and honey in this way?

Because I’m weird. xDDD