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Hi everyone!

I am a new user looking to make a short cut out animation using synfig. So far I have been able to make a test character and worked out how to get a switch able inline canvas so a character can change expression or talk

Here’s my next problem. What I would like to do is have each sharacter as a seperate .sif file and merge them into scene files as and when i need them.

Is there a way I can do this? also where can i find some good tutorials for setting up characters. there seems to be 2 schools of thought about setting up heirachies; grouping encapsulated layers inside each other or copying exported rotation controls into other encapsulated layers. the encapsulating layers methods seems easier to set up.

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Can you show us a trial of this and show us where you get stopped? I see it straight forward just importing the character sif file into a new document.

I followed Ricardo Graça’s vimeo video tutoria on understanding the library. I save the file but when I import the sifz file i get a dialog box saying:

‘The value you are trying to edit is in a composition which doesnt seem to be open. Open that composition and you should be able to edit this value as normal.’

Exactly, if you want to edit a referenced document you have to have it opened.
If you want to copy a document into other and loose its reference linkage then open both, copy and paste layers. Beware to do not copy layers that have a Value Node exported in the source document because the copy of it would reference to the source file document.

Alternatively, keep copies of the original source files in separated folder and copy the source to the folder of the separated project. From that moment, the copy is isolated from the library master and you can move and use it in its own project.


i have tried having the .sfiz file open, making a new file and importing the file into it. I still get the same error
how do you reference files into an new file?

I think that the business card example file from the examples folder references the logo file.
Open it and check it out.
Usually, that kind of troubles are related to path problems so first 5 to keep them all in the same folder, if that fails please let us know.

thanks Genete for your help . really appreciate it

I have managed to get the file to work by making sure it is open but where is the animation stored?
I can change the shape to star circle and square in the referenced file, but there is no animation in there.

Would animation only come across in the original? If thats the case would that not mean that for a short film, every scene would need a set of characters?

Have attached my test file
synfig node test.sifz (835 Bytes)

There is not a unique way of prepare your folders to produce an animation. Just be sure where you render the output file by selecting the appropriated folder from the render dialog.

what i mean is that with the example file imported into a new scene I can change the values to switch it between circle star and square

But if i try to animate this in the new scene there are no keyframes made

so should I animate in the original file, and import it in? I really dont understand this at all.

Keyframes of imported documents are not drawn in importer document, only local keyframes.