New user with problems in the windows version.

ok, I am a college student and have pkenty of time now so that I guess I could help do something like test( I am eager to learn it ,too) the bugs and do some translation(into Chinese ,I am a Chinese. but to be honest there are few here knowing much about linux or open source ,so it will be quite rare that they will know these great softwares. even so , I am sure I can do something for it). I really love this software although I am still not far from the starting line. It’s great. so keep going on.
and by the way , I guess there are quite a few people like me who are interested in it but can find no good source or tutor . I would like to be helpful on that, too. I guess I can write the tutors for you if I can get an outline and some knowledge of using, my English is not perfect but I am to be majored in English and I just love to write something like that. Also I know something about drawing ,too. I had learned to sketch and although there is still a long way to go to make some great works, I’m still learning.
To be of the last line, synfig crashes on the pc I use(i am using the computer beloningto my college) . It seems that it has some conflects about the ram usage and always there comes out a window telling me ," the program used the ram called xxxx, and that ram can’t be used as ‘read’".Maybe some translation or grammar mistakes,but the meaning is just correct, I bet. and in addition, the os of this is winxp.

Hi and welcome!
For a starting point, I would recommend reading through the documentation at, and working through the tutorials.
Your observations on WinXP are not uncommon. Although dooglus has done a lot of work in eliminating memory issues, he has mainly focused in the Linux environment. Make sure that you are using the latest version of SynfigStudio and matching versions of GTK, GTKmm that it was compiled for. If you download from the Official Windows section of then you should be OK.
Make sure you read and understand … gstudio.3F - that goes a long way to improve Synfig’s stability.
After that, join the IRC channel and chat with the other users, let us know where you see gaps and feel you can contribute. You will be greeted with open arms.


Thanks. pixelgeek!
I know that now. and I will try to learn more about it and do something for this project.It’s quite nice thinking you can be a good help someday! I love the smell of utopia from oss. I will come regularly . :smiley: