new tutorials section - Tips and Tricks

I’ve created a new tutorials section called Tips and Tricks.
Here we can have short tutorials and tips. Many of the sections in the How Do I… can be moved here for easier access and better overview.

I started by creating a keyboard shortcuts tips with content from the How Do I…

So what’s the difference between ‘How Do I…?’ and "Tips and Tricks’ ? I think that both cover the same matters.
At the beginning the ‘How Do I…?’ page was called ‘Tips’ … edirect=no

I think newcomers come to Synfig and goes to the tutorial section to learn, there they get all topics clearly listed with nicely formatted small tips.

I think the How Do I… section is a bit overwhelming for a newcomer. It is a long list, I can imagine newcomers see it and think too much information, do I really need to read this?

Also for a newcomer tutorials is a natural starting point, the How Do I… is a a bit harder to find.

Also I think the help pages looks more professional and easier to follow with clearly divided topics.

In short, I think this will help usability of the documentation.

Also, not all How Do I… would make a good short tip/ mini tutorial. I think the section still is needed for posting How do I questions. Over time, if needed the question can be evolved into a short tutorial.

Also small walktroughs on how to do things is in reality tutorials but they may not fit in the current basic/intermediate/advanced categories which more have the character of lessons on how to use Synfig.

OK, seems reasonable. The How do I section was like a all purpose box thing.

Yes, and it still will be. Its good to have a pastebin for odds and ends that doesn’t yet fit into the wiki structure.