New to Synfig

Hello everyone, I am new to Synfig. Just got it installed, looking forward to seeing how I can use it in my pipeline. I found out about Synfig by just googling to see what applications I could find on 2d and 3d animation other than Flash, Toonboom, TVPaint, and I stumbled across Synfig. I am a member of other animation forums such as “,” “” as well under the same user name. I have started my own animation studio this year and have a lot of ideas that I would like to develop in the future. I plan on working with others interested in animation since performing every function all by myself would be a tough thing to do. Now, I am going to check out the forum to maybe see what helpful tidbits I can find on how to use this program.


Hey Patrick,
welcome to Synfig!

I hope you’ll find it useful and fun working with.
Do you have any showreel or examples of your work to present yourself with? It’s always nice seeing what people do.

If your stuck or wondering anything this forum community is very helpful so don’t hesitate to ask us.


No, at this time I do not have any work that I am able to post but I will in the future.