New to Synfig - Just wanted to share first Animation with it:)

Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated:)

Hi Patrick,
nice job and inspiration :smiley:
I guess some parts of the animation are a bit rough on purpose, to enhance the dramatic effect.

Some would think in the first place that you are totally insane, so my first advice would be to add a warning about bad words and second degree ^^

My second advice would be to tell people to watch the two first videos of your channel for them to feel the atmospere

My third advice would be to shop and storage as much chocolate as you can before these lizards would steal it all!!!
(The mormot already increased production rate)

Hello and welcome here,

I’m happy to see people like you using synfig for important causes!

Has bob said,

Yep, i think you made a copy/paste mistake by sharing twice the same link.

And god luck for your hunt!