New to Animation :D!!

Hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself. I’m an artist who’s never really done too much with their art but now I intend on making either a motion comic or animation with mucho short-cuts (tastefully and skillfully done). Anyways, I have not learned any animation programs whatsoever, but of course plan on learning one to the fullest extent possible (for me and my motivation obviously). I originally bought Anime Studio 8 Debut but after finding out about Synfig I wonder if the advantage of bone-rigging is not that significant compared to the advantages that Synfig has to offer. So, I would like to also ask a couple of questions:

  1. I know Synfig is free. Is there any worries about making something original that I use for commercial purposes? I mean, are there any legalities involved that would make that a no-no? I’m not sure about the “license”.

  2. Is resolution-change (using vector graphics obviously) really that much simpler in Synfig? I think that I read somewhere that setting up a project in AS8 is of utmost importance if you want a certain res, compared with Synfig where it’s always something you can choose on-the-fly (as long as the ratio stays in proportion). Is this correct or am I in error and both are equally capable?

  3. I know that Pencil is supposedly great for hand drawn, frame-by-frame animation. Is Synfig capable of this as well? As in ease of doing so? Also, would it be too difficult to use a combination of programs such as Synfig, AS8 and Pencil to cobble something together? Or am I just better off learning Synfig to a gigantic power level, such as 1 million???

Thanks for any help and I already love the passionate, helpful community. I hope to become a contributing part of it soon :slight_smile:

Also, I’m not a bot :wink:

  1. Use Synfig however you want. Any animations you create with it are yours. We’d love to see it adopted by commercial studios :slight_smile:
  2. I don’t know about AS8, but it’s very easy to change Synfig resolutions on the fly. You may find a couple of cases where parameters may not scale correctly (e.g. the amount of blur), but report them as bugs if you do.
  3. You can use Synfig for frame by frame animation, but that would kind of defeat the point of using Synfig. Synfig’s strength is its ability to ‘tween’ between frames. If you define every frame as a keyframe, then you effectively make Synfig just a way to compile a series of static images. And that’s not Synfig’s strongest suit. Many people are using Synfig in conjunction with other programs (e.g. Inkscape, Pencil, Blender, Gimp…)

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