New to animation and synfig :)

I found synfig googling 2d freeware. I wanted something that could work on linux and pc since I hope to migrate –

I like synfig generally speaking – it took me a while to get used to the sort of logical computereeze documentation. I expected something different, more like, well, I have no idea – I can’t understand most documentation and just like to jump into the software which, generally speakig, is what I have done here. Once I’ve figure it out what to do here in synfig I am impressed with what I can do.

I’m having a bit of difficulty at the moment with time loops - specifically the local time - I noticed there was a bug mentioned about it but I’m not sure if it applies to my situation. I’ve posted the question under the general section so if anyone is really great at time loops I’d really appreciate some help! :slight_smile: