New member : Iwasabee


I’m a student from France - right now in 2D and 3D animation at Supinfocom (2nd year) but I’d like to study IT next year.
Before entering Supinfocom I used Gimp and Inkscape due to my interest in drawing but also to my father’s interest in open source stuff,
which he transmitted to me it seems :unamused:

I had discovered about Synfig’s existence, dowloaded it, but… it looked too complicated to me, I was lost… I didn’t use it :blush:
The last two years at Supinfocom I learned to use sowtwares from Adobe (+ autodesk 3dsmax and avid media composer).
In two months, I will no longer need to use Photoshop/Illustrator/After Effect because of school or future job…
I’ll be able to “go back to the open source side”. Last week I installed Synfig back, and I don’t feel lost at all anymore
(thanks to how Synfig improved or what I’ve learnt, I can’t say, probably both), thought I still have to learn and to explore Synfig,
this forum and the wiki to make sure I’m not missing a thing :slight_smile:

Right now I don’t have programming skills to help with the building in itself, but I hope to change that,
and I think I could help with other things (i.e. creative projects, or english to french translations if needed …?).

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hello et bonjour, welcome and bienvenue,

i suggest you to start by the step by step manual (wiki), then to explore the wiki’s tutos (you can also found great videos tutos) … and then for specifics point, this forum who is a huge resource two…

yep … sure … :wink: actually the english pages of the wiki are a bit outdated cause of the future V1 … and i don’t talk of the wiki’s french translation … so some help there is clearly welcome ! check the writer side of the wiki to understand how to start … and do not hesitate to come back here if you have any questions …

from france … too… :wink: