New major release ahead!

Due to recent events, the plan for the next release has changed. It will be a major release and will include a new splash screen contest.
Included features, request for help and start of the new splash contest will be published soon…
Stay tuned! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Will you be doing a kickstarter/indiegogo to fund the next release I believe synfig could get a decent amount of money from it.

You mean the release after next? :wink: Else the funds would come after this upcoming release is out…
I think we will all be wiser after LGM 2013 where devs get a chance to discuss with Nina Paley.

Good news … the way to synfig stud1.O !

I have some suggestions if you do a kickstarter/indiegogo

Port Synfig to Python
Imporve the Interface
improve sif to svg and svg to sif .

The Inkscape developers will be at lgm right? Can you ask them if they could do a kickstarter/indeigogo for Inkscape to port Inkscape to Python?

I want to try a splash screen. When is the deadline, and where do I put it when its done?

Inkscape already supports Python for some things: … ctTutorial

I believe it can’t be a simple matter of rushing to a crowdfunding campaign, because they (I or S) need to have enough developers first to throw the money at…

Momey is not the only reason (and it is even not the reason) for synfig dev from my point of voew.

It will be handled in the forums and in the social networks. There won’t be voting pool.
Currently I’m struggling with a strong bug and so I had time to setup the rules post.
It won’t be long (the rules post and hopefully the strong bug :wink:).

Will you be talking to the guys from Inkscape at LGM about improving cross comaptibility with Synfig and Inkscape?Aka Sif to SVG and SVG to Sif convertors? I think that will be very important I find inkscape much easier for vectroring but would like sif files to be able to be converted to SVGs.