new little bumper

I’m editing a new showreel and figured I need a new bumper to go along with that. Also though Synfig would be the road to go with this idea so here it is.
It’s all synfig except the type which I did in Inkscape and exported as shapes into Synfig to be able to animate it.

Maybe a stupid question, but what do you mean with “a new bumper”?


An ident, an animated tagline to be placed at start or end of other work.

Looks very well!
Now I understand your questions about Text to Shape and usage of Smooth move tool.

I just point out one little thing. I would inserted less points in the eyes tubes. At some moment (when the bend) they look not smooth.
I like very much the floating effect of the text globe and the little details of the monster (like the sweat drops). Also the paper texture in the monster is lovely.

Great work!


I thought it was intended to look somewhat like scribbly hand-drawn animation, so I like the eye tubes the way they are, for whatever that’s worth.

And I also think it looks great overall.


Well I love it…
and I’m inclined to agree with Matt with the wobbly eye-tubes



Very funny. I like it a lot. Congratulations.

wow, that’s wonderful!

Now that’s really nice :slight_smile: . The animation is really detailed (especially the eyes). But I saw one tiny little mistake: The shadow of the branch adds its opacity to the one of the monster when it falls to the ground. Encapsulate the shadows into one inline canvas and decrease the opacity of it while increasing the opacity of the shadows to 1 (But I think you already know that :smiley: ) I stopped trying to make logos or bumpers. On the one hand because the things I do are too versatile for me to find a logo/bumper that actually fits to my work. On the other hand because some companys seem to have had my ideas long before (this already happened three times to me :neutral_face: ) although their logos aren’t really creative. :mrgreen: