New here..

Im from Philippines. 21 years old. BS Applied Physics student. graduating this year.

Very new…I got here by following a link from a forum post

Welcome to Synfig. This is a small but friendly community. :smiley:


I am from South Africa. Have a BSc. Computer Science Degree and a Diploma in Project Management. I found Synfig while browsing the net. I am trying to do my own animation. It looks like a pretty cool program :smiley:

I am starting from scratch and will keep the questions coming as i approach hurdles.

Nice to meet you guys. Hope we can maintain contact

Welcome kazukichiri,
please open any new thread for help, comments or suggestions you have about Synfig and its web, forum, wiki, etc. We gladly reply within our possibilities.
On the other hand Synfig project needs all the help of the world. Using Synfig Studio is the first way to help it. Finding bugs, translating the wiki and supporting the forum is the second way. Adding wiki content, creating tutorials and improving the source code is also very valuable.
Oh well, just read my signature :slight_smile: