New here, Quick Learner, and am attempting to make anime....


My nickname is Forest for short if typing Hlim103 is too much. You could call me H I guess or something.

I am currently a 3rd year college student of a university and am starting to a lot in the field of animation. I hope to make either anime clips of my own for various purposes (entertainment, educational, marketing). I hope to learn a lot about cartooning and animation.

I have looked around the site and forums for a while now, and have found very little geared towards reproducing some of the effects of “anime” or works similar to the remastered “Beauty and the Beast” and “Aladdin” by Disney Studios. I am very eager to learn more of how synfig works and hope to contribute some ideas for improvement or suggestions that will be geared towards audiences wanting an ‘anime’ creation program (WHICH IS A LOT OF PEOPLE). I would also venture to say that NO OTHER free and opensource program even touches upon how relevant their own 2d animation programs are in making anime, and once synfig creates a sub-topic with tutorials that cover the topic of ‘anime techniques’, hoards of people will come flocking to get synfig and pursue their dreams.

Right now, Retas Pro/Studio, is THE leader in anime 2d animation software in Japan and internationally. In the USA, ‘Anime Studio’ is a smaller imitation of the retas software, however to this day, no free or opensource equivalent of RETAS has even been mentioned. I want to help Synfig build up this focus to attract more fans and even anime/japanese geared developers/programmers to make synfig better and THE choice for 2d-animation ^_^.

If anyone who is an expert in Synfig and is also familiar with anime production, I would GREATLY appreciate any helpful links/tutorials. If anyone is familiar with synfig AND Retas Pro, I would also love to hear synfig’s workarounds for achieving similar effects as Retas Pro.

Thank you all and I am glad to have joined. :slight_smile:

I don’t know we have any experts in Anime around, although I know a lot of users are interested in it. Likewise I don’t know of any retas users, but I do know that genete is very familiar with Anime Studio.


Hi H,
I think that the master of Anime style here is Zelgadis. Have you taken a look to Morevna’s project? AFAIK it is following the anime style. I’d love to create a new forum for Anime issues. Give me a pair of days :wink:
And please do not hesitate on suggestions and new improvements. We are so few coders and with so few time but lot of enthusiastic!.

PS: And about Anime Studio it is definitively not designed for anime style. It is a winner in cut-out style due to his bone system. IMHO Anime style needs a fbf engine or a better morphing that the Synfig has.

+1 for anime forum
I was even thinking about making a tutorial on shading but I haven’t mange to get a suitable workflow pinned being a very tedious process and losing interest
So a discussion on establishing techniques might be a good idea
Also monrevnas character rigging interests me
PS:You mean: