New Guy :D

Hey all! im here to introduce myself but you guys might have guessed as much considering this is under introductions XD
well anyway im an aspiring animation artist who has known about synfig for a while i just never learnt to use it, but recently I gave it a go and i love it! :slight_smile:

I spend most of my time animating Ponies (lol yes im a Bronie :P) and different Anime characters, i cant wait to show some of my work here and i look forward to learning a lot from this great community! :slight_smile:

Hello Gezking,

A lot of basics and some complex behaviors has been documented on the wiki, and you can found a lot of video tutos hosted in youtube … give sometime a search to this forum, it’s also a big tips & tricks resource …

welcome and have fun …

Hi Gezking, welcome to the forums. Let us know your evolution in Synfig.