New Convert Type: Data From File

I’ve been thinking that it might be interesting that a parameter can be read form file. So a Convert type would be interesting to have for this. It would have the following sub parameters:


  • Filename: The file name where the data is retrieved form
  • Default value: if there is not valid filename or the file doesn’t provide a value for the current frame use this value.
  • Loop: When checked on and the current frame is outside the range of frames from the file, loop the values.

I think it could be interesting to have the possibility of insert values on parameters from outside files. Those file can represent anything, even included a wave size of a sound file processed with a audio editor. Or the movements obtained from kinect…


Very good idea!
I think this could be a very interesting feature. Having values being loaded from files would make possible to generate a series of values for something with any mathematical formula or algorithm externally implemented.
Kind of externalizing scripting.

Oh yes, I can certainly think of a few applications for this!

When the files are created by something like Python this has loads of possibilities.

Or from motion capture, or motion tracking… :slight_smile: