Needed features: sound support and render to video

This program is really great, but without sound supported in program, it is extremely tedious and time consuming to do accurate lip syncing for any animation with a normal level of talking.

A sound layer is much needed, (even if synfig doesn’t render the sound as part of the final file) it’ll make it much easier to accurately line up talking mouths with their audio.

Also, render to video crashes and quits the program no matter what settings and filetype I try. Though render to png is still ok.

I hope these features can be addressed soon.

Hi omar1.

Can you be more specific on this?

Hi Genete,

I think I posted about this a while back. Is there any post with the exact instructions on how to render to video? That would be very helpful.

By the way I’m now running Ubuntu 12.04 with Cinnamon 1.6.

Thank you

Hi Omar,
Click on > file > render, leave the format to “auto” and name the file after the format you want to generate. I often use “my_file.mkv” or “my_file.mp4” or “my_file.avi”. (be sure NOT to check “render current frame only”, otherwise, obviously, you’re not gonna have a video :wink:

The rest of the settings are recovered automatically from your synfig file settings (dimensions, length, fps…) so you don’t need to change them if you picked the right profile to start with.

hope this helps.

I’ve been wondering. It’s been a while since I asked this question (like, 2 or more years, I think), so I think it’s about time (even though I fear the developers would be annoyed).

Are there any plans to implement sound feature while making animation? If I remember correctly, the problems hindering it were tow: one being licensing issues (exactly what issues, and why?), the other being FMOD or some library being old.

Not sure about the former, but for the latter why can’t we just ditch the library and find suitable alternatives? I still believe there might be many opensource alternative libraries out there (if they save time) that let you play and scrobble through sound? What about GStreamer?

Everything else can be easily taken care of, but the sound feature is the only major shortcoming currently (and the GPU rendering, but that’s being worked on already with Cairo). I really hope this feature can be implemented soon!

A sound layer is a must and fmod have a compatible license ( I think).

Pencil has a sound layer and its under GPL right? Can it’s sounnd layer feature be ported to synfig?