need someone to take over list admin

I don’t have time to do list admin for the two synfig email lists any more. If anyone would like to take over this, please change the passwords on the lists, login to the mailman webadmin interface, remove my address from the admin field, add your own and discard/approve the pending mails. If you are not an admin of the synfig project at, I can add you to it.

pabs - done.
Looks like quite a bit of spam is going through. Is there any way to block it? Does the option to approve or deny time out after a while?

I’ll give a try. Wish me good luck.

Each mailing list has one mailing list admin password. You will need to provide this password to any other team members who perform list administration. We recommend that at least two people on each project team be aware of the list admin password, as that they may both tend to pending administrative requests, if needed. 

Does it mean you need to provide your Mailing list Admin password to me?

Thanks pixelgeek.

The user list is currently open to the public, that can probably be changed to moderate by default (see the privacy section in the admin), or we can delete that list.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to auto-delete old mails.

genete: it just means if you and pixelgeek will share list admin duties you need to share the admin password.

It’s shared (assuming genete didn’t reset it :slight_smile: )

Don’t worry man! I can broke it easily but some intention to do it is needed! :wink: