Need Some Help Animating

So I have created a vector art character for a game I am developing but cannot seem to get the hang of animating the character to jump and walk. I was hoping I could get some help here. I have the image below.
aliensyn.sif (110 KB)

Hello bobhoil and welcome to the Synfig community.

Can you be a little more specific. What are you having problems with?

I honestly just can’t figure out animating at all. I am a one man team so I am doing graphics for a game and programming the game. I have the programming down but I am having trouble animating this character to walk.

The classic approaching to do one animation is this: draw poses (raster), import poses animation into Synfig, trace one pose, match the other poses by tweening the shapes in animation mode.

The walk cycle tutorial is one example of this:

Another example made with the same approaching: June' 10 - four leg walk cycle...