Need help with installation... not working... fixed

I have all 4 essential files needed to install. At first I thought it would be a single file. Now instead of learning how to animate, I’m learning how to install it.

Can somebody who has a minute give me a detailed “for dummies” description on how to get this program installed and running?

I have no idea how to do this and the directions I folllowed step by step didn’t work. I was then prompted through some tutorial that I needed a 5th file from some site that was outdated. When I do a search for the supposed 5th file, it no longer exists.

I don’t remember the site or the file but I could use some help on this.

any help is appreciated

If you are on Windows check out the video walkthrough:


There should only be 4 files to install on Windows (gtk, gtkmm, synfig, synfigstudio), not sure what the extra one is?

For Linux you may have to compile it yourself, check out which binary packages exist on the download page:

For MacOS, you can either install the Fink packages or compile yourself:

[size=85]EDITED: Fixed url to the video. Genete[/size]

Maybe the 5th was the task manager for CPU affinity? The link …
worked for me.

Can you post more details of where you’re running into problems?


The task manager was what I was trying to think of when it came to the 5th file I mentioned. When I went to the site shown in the video tutorial, I searched everywhere but found only the name of the file but no available file to download.

After looking into it I had to re-download all the files except for gtkmm. Don’t know why but after I did they worked along with the task manager and installed successfully. If it wasn’t for the video I would’ve been completely lost.

Thanks guys for helping me, and for offering something so cool to the public. I have many story ideas and now I can finally find out why many of my friends always talk about synfig and how it helped them.

thanks again,


Glad you got it working.

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