Need assistance PLEASE!!!

Hello everyone! I am VERY new to annimation and Synfig. I am excited to learn to annimate with this program. But…I already have a problem I can not seem to figure out! :unamused: I started from the beginning of the manual to get familiar with the program. The first time I made the circles, they showed up on the canvas (white) and I was able to change the color…Whoo Hoo!!! BUT…I don’t know what I did, but the circles don’t show up with any color now nor can I change or add color. They show on the panel and if I click on the circle, it is outlined and has ducks. When I click off of it, it’s gone??? What have I done and what can I do to fix it?? PLEASE HELP ME!!! :cry: I would really appreciate it. Pamelita

Welcome to the forum.

Try to change the Blend Method of your circle layer to “Composite”, attached for your ref. For more details about blend method you can go to our wiki page

Hope it helps.

Hi pamelita,
It might be useful to read this too:

:smiley: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Changing the blend method worked! I will also read up on the toolbox and default layers. I really appreciate your help! Pamelita