My street scene

After read rore’s post I’ve been so encouraged to start (I don’t know if finish) the same challenge.

So I borrowed some help from her and started a similar street scene.

This is the first drawing I made with Gimp:

And then after apply rore’s tips (sketches in top multiplied layer, colors in normal layer and white background at the bottom) I obtained that:

For the moment I’m concentrated on the cat.

Consider it as a WIP walk cycle. I need to make the rear legs, the translation of the body, its elevation also and some column waving…

Also I have to draw my woman!

All comments and critics are welcome.
(I need help with scene colour selection.)

Wow, that walk cycle looks very good so far.
And you already know I like the cat :slight_smile:

So, no real critism so far, keep going :slight_smile:

It needs to fix the feet slicing. Four legs is hard! :open_mouth:

Wow, that’s a beautiful cat, I 'like it a lot, and the walk seems good too except for the sliding feet as you mentioned.
Keep up the good work! :smiley:

Love the twitching tail!

Cat update:
A woman’s head design. Need hair. Can you suggest me a hair style for her?


Woohoo, nice head, she looks really 3D with the movement. I think short hair will fit her better.

The cat is great too, now it doesn’t look like it’s sliding on the floor. Great job :smiley:

Thanks rore!. I’ll work on it soon. I think I’ll place a medium size hair with a hairband to make it lean against the head surface. It would simplify the animation I think.