My! arrives late

=p, i don’t really know what is going on, i just received a notification on my mail from about a topic i made and got answered in Aug 23 of 2009, when i used to have Mandriva!, i thought this happen because a new member posted the same question bumping the topic like i did for my problem but i’m seeing that the last post is from me! and not new XD


This is the old thread that was supposedly ‘replied’ problem drawing a few shapes... , ha the good old KDE4… so many memories.

it’s possible that more mails with replies from past topic are going to arrive to my mail?

Maybe the thread got spammed, then the spam deleted?


I bet that you accidentally pressed the “Subscribe to this topic” button and then a spam post (I deleted it) triggered that message form the root at Just ignore it and enter to your profile and unsuscribe that topic if you don’t want to receive more notifications like that.