My latest animation is ready

I finished my animation yesterday…it is meant for children. I hope you will like it.

Ha ha, very nice! flying cows, wow! =)

Thank you, your encouragement means a lot to me. :slight_smile:

I’ll like your animation when I see a flying cow…

Oh, wait! :laughing:

I like so much. The draw style is good and the animation is fine.

A suggestion… transition between some cuts seems to me a little “hard”. Perhaps you could try a fast dissolve transition between those cuts.

Really good work!

Thank you Fenix…It’s no surprise that you like my flying cow…Your name (Phoenix) suggests that you like anything that flies lol :laughing:

  1. Straight to the point regarding transitions …I willl need to work on them …It’s a good job I’m not a film editor :laughing:

Thank you to all the Synfig team for making animation possible for everyone.


hay since you are an animator and all i am a school kid who wants to become an animator what do you think i should do