My first Synfig Studio animation

I’ve finished my first Synfig Studio animation. I chose this animation as I thought it would help me to learn Synfig, and it certainly did! It’s not very impressive, but I’m only learning :blush:

I’m also attaching the source file.
Spotlight_v8.sifz (11.9 KB)

It is very cool! I love the 70’s style!

I’ve now blogged about Synfig Studio too: … ynfig.html

Thanks! See my comment on the blog post. (My username is Carlos)

Many thanks for correcting my review. I’ve corrected my blog post :blush: - beneath the two pictures about WYSIWYG there is your comment in red.

Don’t worry!!! Nobody has done so excellent animation in that short time! There are many not obvious things in Synfig that are hidden for experts even! :smiley:

Also, the motion blur density can be increased if needed. You can increase the Subsamples Factor parameter to increase the blur density. Sometimes when the movement is so quick or the aperture so wide the samples aren’t enough to emulate the motion blur correctly. Increasing the Subsamples Factor helps on this. Use with care. So high values can overlaoad your computer. 1.0 is the default value.

Great blog post. Very good overview of your thoughts and experiences with Synfig. Thank you for sharing.