My First Synfig Animation is Ready!

Hello guys! I am happy to announce that I have finished my first synfig animation. I am inviting you to have a look at it. I do hope you will like it , but please do not have great expectations…it is very simple and basic… :blush:

I dedicate this simple work to Genete, LungChing, and Mad0. Their help was valuable.

By the way, for those who have read my posts regarding my rendering issues…I would like to say that I used Windows Live Movie Maker to upload my work to Youtube.


I like it very much! Nice drawings!

Oh thanks :blush: …I could never have done it without your help and your patience .

Love the ladybird with the umbrella :slight_smile:

Oh Thanks, this very ladybird almost cost me my hard work…lol :laughing:

I liked it. It really does remind me of some of the shorts I would see as a kid.

Cheers Michael…i feel flattered by your comments. Synfig made me realise an old childhood dream and thus experience great moments of bliss. :slight_smile:

Hey that’s very cool. Well done!

I too like the ladybird

Oh thanks SinduPutha…Your comment has made my day, really! :slight_smile: Synfig members’ opinions matter a lot.