My first one

Heyho out there in the universe!

I was just sitting in class drawing stuff when I got an idea and simply had! to draw a face. Then when I got home I remembered that I wanted to search for a vector-drawing program. Typed it in in Google and found Synfig! So then after being totally astonished by the werewolf transformation. I watched a few videos on youtube while installing it on windows. My fingers burning to do something I started Synfig and it crashed. So then after searching and not finding and reinstalling and a couple of hours I booted opensuse and installed it there. Well its actually not running as stable as i would want it to but its working :slight_smile: I opened youtube searched for tutorials found one where a red sphere was animated. Did the tutorial and then started to digitalize my face. So here I am working since yesterday (about 4 hours I guess). Falling back every once in a while because some backup does not work or I misunderstood a programfunction or what ever.

Please don’t kill me for what I’ve done :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard! we’re pleased to have more Synfig addicts around!
Let’s animate that face!

I don’t think I want to share what I’d done with Synfig after 4 hours. You should be proud. It looks good.


Thanks :slight_smile:
Hm I think I will wait with animating for a little while, or at least with publishing the results :smiley:
Still got to figure out most of Synfig.


Seems like I got less homework to do then I thought.

~edit: removed embedded image, due server is quite slow and traffic is high anyway, click link to view the image~


Well done!



Today I played around with shadows, blur and linking vertices: