My first animation for a contest

Hi, guys. I’ve made a short film for a contest. It’s done using Synfig. I’ve mounted with a video editor.
You can view it in, clicking on “FILM SEARCH” on the left top of the page, and typing in “By title”: “el semaforo”.
All critiques or comments are welcome. :slight_smile:

Very cool!!. I just would given a little more detail on the traffic light device. Nice animation.

Is it also available somewhere else? Without giving up my email adres?


Don’t do click on “see”, you have to do click on “data sheet”. So, the steps to do are the following:

  1. Click on “Film search”
    Imagen 1.png
  2. Type “el semaforo” like this:
    Imagen 2.png
  3. Click on “Data sheet” (Not on SEE, else you have to give up your e-mail adress)
    Imagen 3.png
  4. Now, you can see the film.


Got it, thanks. Cool clip!