My entry for asdfcomp

After working so much in 3D I felt like doing more 2D stuff again. So I though making an entry for asdfcomp would be fun. And it was fun although it took me a bit too long because of my ubiquitous desire to make everything I create look good.

The video is only 5 seconds long (like it’s supposed to be) but hey, it’s a finished work :laughing: :
Caution :exclamation: : Joke may be lame as I can not judge if it’s funny because English is not my native language. :mrgreen:

Lip-syncing was done with Papagayo and…yes that’s it. :smiley:

Excellent! The soft flow is lovley and the head turn is quite good too!
I don’t understand a word but liked the animation in the artistic way.

Thanks very much. That head turn was a good exercise for me. :slight_smile:
For those who want to know how I made it:
I used a stretch layer to mirror the face at a keyframe when all elements of the face are more or less centered and then after the mirroring reused some of the keyframes from before the head turn.

Oh really? But I even recorded it in stereo! :laughing:

that’s silly

Well, I’m not a fan of crude humour, but I could hear and understand the joke. The quality of the animation was very good though. I like it!


English is my 1st language (just) and I really like the clip. It sums up what I love about animation/cartoons.

It doesn’t have to be full of high detail special effects etc, just get the message across and it does that with style.

love it.