My ‘compiled’ animations

Hi Everyone,

I am exploring Synfig with a view to creating simple animations.

First off, my film at: and others are not animations in the normal sense of the word. I have designed a ‘compiler’ that accepts a dance description in normal dance terminology and generates the films automatically. The compiler is written in a combination of PHP, Javascript and Ming. Using this compiler I can write and animate any new dance in about half an hour.

Obviously my compiler could be adapted to other subjects apart from dance.

I now want to use Synfig to explore more complex ‘compiled’ animations. If anyone is interested in some form of a co-operation please contact me.

Meanwhile I have a query. There seems to be a major gap in Synfig. There ought to be a simple way to add a soundtrack. Maybe you can put me right, I am a newbie and I may have misunderstood the manuals, but adding sound seems like a horribly complex procedure.


Not horribly complex procedure. Simply it is not possible because the code that it used to do it has been disabled due to license incompatibilities. No sound in Synfig at the moment.

Regarding to your project I wish you the best luck and please don’t wait to ask here whatever question you have about Synfig Studio usage.