My bars are seperated - please help

My tooloption-, layer-, and canvasbrowser-bar has been seperated, and I don’t know how to “melt” them back together.
Please help if you know how to fix this!

Ps. I also have another minor problem, when i have animated something and i want to play it the frames/sec is very low

Marcher97, welcome here.

Your “bars” are called Panel in synfig vocabulary, you can discover that in the interface doc
In order to group, arrange, the panels has you like, use the panel tab, the one with the icon to drag and drop the panel “where you want” (horizontal or vertical dock).

Or you can let synfig auto-arrange the panels using, Toolbox / Menu / File / Panels / Reset Windows To Original Layout

Yay! I found out how to reset it to the standard layout! Thanks a lot d.j.a.y.
Thanks for your fast respons:)