My animations


I’m going to use this thread as recopilator of my little animations maden with Synfig.

Both are very nice.
Just a negative comment. In the second one you should take care of the shadow on the face of the character. It looks static although the character moves and turns.

Yes. Absolutely right!  : )

Thanks for comment!

I both like them. Second one has a ton of atmosphere. Good job with the background too. Shadows need a bit of work, but, he, I knew a guy once and his only job in an animation studio was to take care of the animated shadows. So yea, animated 2d shadows are a bitch. :laughing:

Hehe... yes, I feel more comfortable with my drawing skills that with animating skills. I need more practice and fundamentals with animation but...  here we go!  :smiley: 

You are right. In the two examples I just used shadow for making a bit 3D to the scenes, trying to avoid the plane. Beyond that, it is really hard work with shadows in 2D. Not only for the difficult for making it realistic, but for the work and time consuming of do it. : )

If most TV cartoon production avoid the use of shadow is for a very good reason. : )

Thanks for comment!

You have a great style! Well done. How much time does it take you to make a single animation?

Hi, [b]susssu[/b].

Thanks! I try to test different styles. The last animation I am finishing just now has another style... still cartoonish but a bit more realistic character. I'll post it shortly.  : )
It is complicated to calculate, because I don't make a continuous work.

But I think all process could take two weeks (think the idea, sketching, vectorizing, animating). But as I said, it isn't full time. The difficult of the animation can increase the time, too. The first is not really difficult; the second is a bit more complicated: the walking and the relationship with the background...

Anyway, the [b]11secondclub[/b] contest is for a full month, so I don't care too much in the time.

Finally I use these animations to practice too, so I spend more time trying to learn animation, Synfig, work with vectors, etc.

Very nice and personal atmosphere… but too short :mrgreen:

Jejeje... thanks. Well, the time is defined by the sound file given on the contest. : )

Added new short animation for january 11SC:

New short animation: Dogs

New mini-anim for 11 second club:

This is my last animation for 11sc.