music box


I wanted to try to make a mechanism, so I made a little music box.
It’s not spectacular, but it was interesting to do. :slight_smile:
This is the animated gif:

It plays “Frere Jacques” (unless I have made ​​mistakes) :laughing: :laughing:
And the .sifz file.
music_box.sifz (53.9 KB)

It is lovely!

Absolutely fabulous - very impressive!

Really nice! :slight_smile:

Thank you genete, DaveJ and eldruin ! :smiley:
I actually made ​​a mistake, I put the bass musical notes on small strips, and the trebles on the longs …
Fortunately, the images don’t produce sound! :laughing: :laughing:

Incredible… I must have been mind boggling figuring it all out.


thank you pixelgeek :smiley:

I can’t log into the site with the same username and password as those of forum. :question:

Really? I think it is very spectacular. Great.

The website and the forums have different users database. Entering to website is by invitation and users have different roles and rights. I can make you a Redactor user if you plan to write blog entries or help us to update the pages of download. In any case, gallery submission doesn’t need a registered user. It just need the approval of the administrators.

Very good! Impressive pseudo 3d simulation.