Multiple canvases in one animation

Is this possible?

I was hoping to create, effectively, multiple “scenes” in my animation. However I can’t seem to create multiple, consequential canvasses. Specifically I intend to have the first scene lasting 5 seconds, then another lasting 3, then so on. Am I able to do this? (For ref, I have the latest edition of Synfig Studio as of 18th March 2016,

Not the better tutorial of the wiki but there is one at last:

Thanks. Will give this a go. Is it possible to add audio to a single file once it is complete, or would that require an external video-editing program?

Nop, the audio is actually not rendered … but you can synchronize it

and with jack audio server :

If reading the doc’, you found something missing, not clear or oudated, please report it … or if you are be able to fix it, even better 8~) !