Multiplane camera in Synfig.

I’ve just written a tutorial for a multiplane camera technique in Synfig -

You can follow the tutorial for creating a multiplane setup. Or you could just use the setup scene I’ve attached to the tutorial and just fill it with your own content.

I am planning to add camera lens simulation with different aperture, focal length, width etc. but I decided to save that for version 2 of this tutorial. Otherwise it would have been another year before you’ve seen anything of this technique…

I hope you’ll find it useful.


That’s an excellent addition to Synfig!
Thank you very much rylleman!

Thanks for the technique and template for using it! Definitely a time saver and a well written tutorial.

I’m kind of new to Synfig (started yesterday) so I have a bit of a hard time following the Connecting it all-part.

These are quite straightforward. I think i got them. But after that:

Where do I create this circle. Should it be in a layer all by its own? Encapsulated in MAIN? Something completely different?

Where? What? How? :wink:

I’ve registered an account in the wiki so i’ll gladly update the article, as long as I get these bits explained. :slight_smile:

This would clarify the steps:

Where it says:

It should say:

I hope it helps

Four years later has it been improved? Or a simpler way to do that now?

Anyway, how can I use the example camera to use in my projects. Always when I try to change the values (move the objects in the canvas) I mess everything up. It’s a little bit confusing.

Also I thought about using blender to compose the scene with depth camera, applying the animated objects of synfig (movies) like textures in planes and changing the depth of them. What do you think? It could work?


Nope, not from me at least.

Sorry if it’s confusing, I’ll be more clear in the future.
How does everyhing get messed up? (What happens?)

Yes, It definitely works. I do all my compositing in Blender which actually has a quite good tool for it.
If you want to do camera pans and such in Blender then first render as passes from Synfig (Background, Character1, props, character2, foreground, etc.). then you can import them in Blender and place them in 3d space and animate a camera in the scene.
Activate the Images as Planes plugin, which automates the whole image as plane texture work saving you lots of time.
Import the first image in the sequence as a plane, then you can change the texture to be a sequence of images rather than a static one.


Ok. When I change values the shapes don’t behave like they should. Some shapes disappear (they go out of the canvas but I can’t bring they back). I know it’s me that don’t know how to use it, so I think I will use Blender for that purpose.

Thank you very much, you helped me a lot. :astonished: