Much faster computer, rendering times almost the same?

I’ve been using an i5 6500/8GB/intel 5600 laptop for a year, and with more complex animations, previewing and rendering is taking much longer.

I just got a i7 9750/16gb/6gb 1660ti gpu, hoping that a side effect would be faster rendering.

I have a dual boot system, Ubuntu 18.04.4 and Windows 10 up to date, and on both, I get maybe a 25% increase in rendering speed, tops.

From let’s say 1.25 seconds a frame to 1 second a frame. Is this what should be expected? Should the CPU be doing most of the heavy lifting for synfig rendering and therefore a 25% increase makes sense for a mid-range i7 from mid-range i5?

Thanks for any insight.

As far as I’m aware, Synfig has no GPU/hardware accelerated rendering so most of the rendering is indeed done on the CPU.

I don’t know what theoretical max speedup would be by switching from your i5 to the i7 (the i5 6500 is not a laptop CPU, making comparisons hard). Do you have any other software where you can measure the performance difference?

Oh, my bad, it’s an i5-3360M. With only CPU rendering, then the minimal speed adjustment makes relative sense. I should have considered that before, I probably would have tried to get an i9. But I’m not sure that would have made a huge difference either. I think I’ll have to plan around using too many time-loops and curve warps. Which is a bummer.

Correct. The opengl renderer has been broken for a while and opencl is not in use anywhere yet.
I wish I had time and knowledge to play a bit with it.

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