Mrrshans: Part I: Safe for now

Hey guys!

I finally completed my second animation! I was planning to make a simple cosmic music video (rotation of a planet under relaxing music), but it turns out in some sort of a thing with a plot… Well, I hope you enjoy it.

Many thanks to Genete and Zelgadis who wrote that awesome Camera plugin.

Video on Youtube: (it’s HD (1400x1050), watch in fullscreen)
Sources: … file%2czip, file

P.S. sigh I am pretty tired with this animation… It was hard to render and work with sound was bloody frustrating… So I guess I will take a break on animating stuff for awhile :slight_smile:

Looks good to me. Light effects are very nicely done!
If I were you, though, I’d make it a bit shorter or more entertaining. I was expecting to see some spacecrafts or get a glimpse of this alien civilization!!! :smiley:

Good effects there!

Thanks Paolo and Genete!

Honestly, I can’t handle it for now. Don’t have the skill to draw such a complex stuff, like aliens or starships. But to keep your interest, I plan to create two other parts where you will see Mrrshan race and attack of the Antares ships.

I agree with previous comments. I seriously like some effects. And I like more after read the credits and saw that you didn’t use any 3D software for planets.

As critique… the starfield make your animation “incorrect”. If you see the dance of the planets, they seems to be in a “closed” space (that’s because there is so many starts in the background… and some are affected by the lights of the three starts).

Agree with is a excesive long shot. You don’t have to put animation that you cannot do it just know, but maybe you would tell a story writting it to the spectator while the planets dance.

But, yeah… very interesting project. : )

Thanks for critique, Fenix!

I agree about “excessive long shot”. It’s boring I know, but as I said, I planned it to be just a relaxing music clip. So no dynamic action was planned in the first place.

Yes, I didn’t pay much attention to the star field, but it seems correct to me. Near stars are brighter, so they outshine the far stars, isn’t it correct? Well, I guess I have to see some NASA videos…