Mpeg rendering in Windows Xp - a working solution found

Dear all,

First - Synfig is excellant!

As subject says I was trying to run rendering in Synfig under Windows Xp and wanted an mpg file.

I noticed that Synfig spawned a dos box when this or preview was attempted. The dos shell said that it could not find ffmpeg. I found an appropriate dll in the Synfig path area, put the folder in the Windows path environment varible for all users, but that did not work either.

Then I googled for a windows binary of ffmpeg - loaded it into its own directory, put that directory into the Windows Environment varible for all users, and MPEG rendering became a reality!

It seems that possibly in the port from Linux to Windows, Synfig is left without some information on using its own dlls? Or perhaps it had a copy of ffmpeg avaiable to it under Linux?

Any way hope this helps anyone else who could not get Mpeg Rendering to work under Xp windows,


Yeah the ffmpeg target passes video data to ffmpeg.exe rather than using the ffmpeg video encoding libraries. It works pretty much the same way on Linux as on Windows, but without the security issues:

The libav target uses the ffmpeg video encoding libraries, but is a bit crappier at the moment so we can’t really retire the ffmpeg plugin yet.

Is there a DV redering solution for windows as well - any binaries needed - put in path the same way?


The DV target uses the same method as ffmpeg. You’ll need to build encodedv.exe yourself though since doesn’t seem to distribute a Windows version.

Yup - there are a couple of add-ons that help make Synfig a really useful.

  • Imagemagick
  • ffmpeg

Note that using ffmpeg will give you a lower quality MPEG1 video, rather than a higher quality MPEG2. You will almost certainly get better results from rendering individual png files and then converting them outside of Synfig. But for a quick check of how the animation looks, the fmpeg target is very handy.