moving the forums to phpBB3

Hi all,

I’m thinking about moving the forums to phpBB3, please kick the tires and let me know what you think:

Your usual logins will work fine. Once it has been tested, I’ll delete forums3 and migrate these forums to phpBB3.

Known issue is that the logo needs fixing.

HI pabs,
I’ve seen that it is possible to upload files with the new phpBB3 engine.
How can we avoid abuse of disk space?
I like very much the ability to embed flash and the scalable fonts for the whole forum.
Good change. :slight_smile:

When trying to attach an animation it says:
The extension sifz is not allowed

There are admin options to restrict the disk usage of the whole forum - I think it discards old files if that is set, will have to check that.

There is also the ability to restrict the size of each file, the number of files per thread and per post.

I couldn’t find anything in the admin interface about extensions, I’ll have to check the server-side configuration.

Only other thing is the captcha it uses isn’t accessible (no sound option), and the plugin isn’t available for phpBB3. I think that isn’t a blocker and the phpBB3 captcha will be ok until myself or someone else gets around to making a plugin for phpBB3.

Hi pabs
I’ve found the extension management area in the administrator panel and have created a Synfig Files folder.
Now .sif and sifz files are allowed.

I’ve seen the file quota and the maximum file size.
In the Administrator panel it seems that everything can be customizable. :slight_smile:

As you can see I’ve now done the move. Please post any glitches to this thread.

We can now allow anonymous users to post. They have to pass the captcha to do so though. I’ve enabled this for the general discussion forum only, should we add this for any of the other forums too?

That’s right but I suggest to create a sticky post informing about that in this forum.


I added it to the forum descriptions and made a sticky topic in both forums.