Moving Squares; Creating Ellipses

Hi all! Synfig newbie here!

Two questions:

First, how do I move squares once I’ve created them? I can move circles and stars by the point in their center, but squares have no point in the center (or anywhere else, it seems).

Second, how do I create ellipses out of circles?


Welcome :slight_smile:
About squares, it depends the type of layer you create

  • Rectangle layer: two green dots to animate
  • Rectangle region,
    Rectangle outline,
    Rectangle advanced outline: one green dot, in the center of the workarea
    You can combine them of course.
    The most simple is to create a group and add them inside.
    So, you will have only one green dot for animation.
    Notice you can change the placement/offset of the green dot of a group with Ctrl key :wink:

Thank you!

What’s the difference between a layer and region in this case?

Also, how do you create an ellipse?

For a Square, the layer is defined by 2 opposite corners while the region is made of 4 vertices you can modify with tangentes.
To create an Ellipse, create a Circle layer you will add in a group.
Then expand Transformation property of the group and play with the parameters (scale and angle mostly).
Groups are a lot important in Synfig’s philosophy :wink:

That seems an dramatically over-complex way to create an ellipse. O_o Maybe future versions will make it an easy thing.

Hello Shoal and welcome here,

I recommand you to take a look to the step by step tutorial on the first part of synfig wiki documentation … i’m sure you will be able to move a circle or an ellipse quite fast … and then understand the meaning of rectangle, region, outline, , groups and other synfig layers concepts.

have fun!

Am new and working through tutorials and documentation. Also had problem with squares, which is partially answered above. For skeletons, the tutorial has you draw a crosshairs, but how does one draw a perfect square and align it to a circle, and how does one draw two straight lines to create the cross hairs? Tried spline for a straight line, but no luck. Most drawing programs allow one to “constrain.” Using a Mac. Thanks for any help, or for pointing to existing answers.

Constraining an axis can be achieved by pressing shift while dragging.

Thank you, helpful!

Is there a way to constrain the rectangle tool to create perfect squares?

And is there a way to draw a single straight line?

Change Rectangle tool option to create region layer, not shape.

Did you try the spline tool?

Thanks very much. Yes, using a grid I can create a near perfect square using the Spline tool to create a region layer. Still, it would be good if the rectangle tool would have a constrain option so one could drag a perfect square. Again, thanks for the reply!

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