Moving Sprites Along Fixed Paths

This should be pretty simple to do I think. I have 5 gifs I want to move along spline paths. No rotations, transforms, nothing. Just move along paths. Super simple.

I’ve got pics imported and splines made.
The pics are linked to the splines and move along the spline for the first 45 sec of animation.

Now I want to move on to adding new positions to the spline and continue the animation. But it seems editing the spline gets recorded with waypoints itself. Its as if the spline itself is to be animated. I just need a pathing spline that is not animated. One that can be edited but stays the same throughout the whole animation. It’s just the path for sprites.

Is there a simple way to set a spline as not animated?

The workflow would be the following:

  1. Import Pictures and draw splines

  2. For each sprite connect a translate layer to the path to move it around (right click on path when translate handle is selected -> link to spline)

  3. Switch to animation mode and move the sprites around (with the translate layer)

  4. If you want to edit the spline be sure to turn off animation mode to prevent the spline from being animated

I hope that helps