Moving/passing Backgrounds, animated Stickmen...?

I have just finished my first Synfig animation.But I almost know nothing about Synfig. How do you move the background in such a way that it looks like you would sit in the car? And how do you animate Stickmen in such a way that it looks real? I saw on Youtube some videos, with really cool animations. The Stickmen were quite really cool, but then I saw a video with the name “Little red riding Hood”.

It looks really brilliant and I would know so with pleasure how you do such animations and how it functions that it looks like a comic.
I would like to learn Synfig absolutely… Please, help me. :astonished:

Maybe you can take a look to a past challenge: “Loop background”

Synfig is just a tool. If you an draw like a good comic using paper and pencil you can easily draw with the same looking using Synfig. Plus animation is not just draw well (like the outstanding Little Red samples), you need to draw “on time”. Synfig is just a tool. We can help you on how to use the tool (technical issues) but it is not easy to teach to animate.
I strongly recommend to acquire any of the masters books of animation. … 275&sr=1-1 … 249&sr=1-1 … 49&sr=1-11

I’ve acquired the Richard Williams’s Animation Survival Kit a few months ago and I’ve learned a lot.