Moving out of LurkTown

I’ve been poking around in Synfig for a couple of months now, so I figured that I should just go ahead and join the forum. I lurk here often enough, I need to join some conversations, hah.

I’m planning a fairly ambitious animation project. I dunno if it’s so ambitious that it’s out of my scope, but at the moment I’m disabled and working part-time from home, so I have the time to invest. Ideally it would be an animated mini-miniseries, but we’ll see.

I’m an illustrator, but animation has always intrigued me. I did some dabbling about in Anime Studio, god, like… 6, 7 years ago. I’ve experimented with some hand-drawn stuff (tedious, augh!), and for awhile I was teaching myself Blender. But Synfig and I seem to be getting on really well.

And it’s open source. Gotta love and support my free programs.

Anyway, helloo~ I’m excited to be here.

so … welcome !

i wish you all your best with it … make our eyes blinks!