Moving objects across screen

What would be the simplest way to achieve the effect of having a number of objects (balls) move from one side of the screen to the other.

The balls start at different times and end at different times more or less one after another - the time for each to cross is the same but they start at different times so they end one after another.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Timeloop layer can help.

if you want an example, I can upload a sif to demo it.

you animate the first layer, then duplicate it and group the duplicated layer, by shifting the group both layers have the same movements in different positions.

now you can change the time offset parameter of the group (in which the duplicated object exists):

  • positive value will make it move before the original.
  • negative value will make it move after the original.

see the example file.
see the time offset parameter for more details.

this is the easy way, but it has a problem, if you modify the original object they are not connected together and you would have to modify the other separately.

connecting them need a more advanced work by connecting their origin parameters, tell us if this is what you need :slight_smile:
moving_layers.sifz (792 Bytes)