Move keyframe without creating waypoints?

I have a set of keyframes that I would like to readjust (without reordering) along the time axis (actually, I would like to simply shorten a particular region to speed it up, by sliding all events after that region to the left), but I don’t want a bunch of waypoints to be created as a result of moving the keyframes. I have already removed numerous waypoints from the keyframes and they keep reappearing if I make any changes at all to the keyframes. I tried both moving the keyframe in question and simply altering the duration of the preceding keyframe, but both actions litter the timeline with brand new waypoints.


Without being able to look at your scene and if it is only a matter of speeding up a certain part then I would suggest you try and use the new Free Time Layer. It only uses two waypoints and it speeds up everything in the layer(s) underneath it.

I assume this is a 1.x feature ? I think I have read somewhere you can achieve a similar behavior using the Time Loop layer by varying some of its parameters over time to speed up or slow down animations. Or am I wrong ?

As a side question :

I must admit I found myself fighting regularly with that feature. I guess this is not just here to annoy newbies and there is some logic I miss behind that (or is it ? :smiling_imp: ). More seriously, I was not able to find a reference describing the rules governing automatic waypoint creation when moving/adjusting keyframe durations. Does anyone have a pointer to some relevant documentation to share ? I think if I could understand that behavior I could use it instead of trying to fight it over and over…

For reference, the rules to describe automatic waypoint creation are described here :