move an imported object

I am trying to move a cloud, that I created in inkscape, across the page. When I import the artwork it is in the center. I’ve tried everything I can think of to move it to the left than start the animation but it won’t budge. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get my object to move.
Thank you.

You need to:

  • Move your cloud object to the left side of the canvas area
  • Enter animate mode by clicking the green man icon:
  • Move to the end of the animation by clicking on the “Seek to End” button:
  • Move your cloud object to the right side of the canvas
  • Now preview your animation to see it move

This is also covered in the Synfig Tutorial 2: Animation Basics tutorial explains this (go to the 5 minute mark): … EnlA#t=302

NOTE: In case you have problems moving objects in the canvas you need to:

  • Use the Transform tool and click on the object to select it or select it on the Layers panel
  • Click and drag the green circle handle to move the object around: