motion blur recommended settings.

Hi there. I am having trouble when it comes to rendering motion blur. When I do render it, it either renders really slowly, or just crashes. I usually set my subsample facter to 3, and my Aperture to 5f or less. Everything else is untouched.
As mentioned before, the problem comes from when I try to render anything with motion blur. I’ve rendered about 60 frames with every layer (hundreds) layered, but it was really slow. That’s understandable. When I tried to do it again, it wouldn’t render at all though I had the same settings.

Then I’ve rendered some arms (4 layers only) with those same settings, but it is going slow as…an iceberg. :laughing: Now I’m thinking because I’ve set something to high.

What are some recommended settings for this?


I would like to try to render those crashy files with motion blur.
Don’t touch subsample factor. It increases a lot the number of samples and it won’t be normally noticed in the final render. Remember that in the canvas window, the motion blur usually is shown with less samples, so don’t increase it to see the motion blur correctly on the screen. It will be fine with the default value when rendered to file.
You usually should only touch the aperture and the type of blur. The old and only one type was Hipebolic and the good one for realistic blur is Linear. The aperture is the time that the camera has the objetive opened and for a normal light situation it is 1/60 seconds. This gives 0,016s what is 0,4f at 24 fps.
The quicker the movement is the longer the blur trail is at a given aperture. If your light conditions are worse, your aperture is wider so for the same sensibility you need to slow the frame rate to something like 1/200 seconds what gives 0,005 seconds what is 0,12f.

Those are usual values.

Thanks alot Genete!. I’m not going to rerender again (took the motion blur off on that section), but I will definitely keep this in mind next time. :smiley: About the file, I’ve uploaded it in a differnt thread. That time it loaded, but when I progressed further in this animation, thats when the render had problems. Here it is. You may have to turn the motion blur back on in the main canvas. It’s at the very top in the layers panel on the main canvas.
Chicken Monster Strikes!.sifz (247 KB)

Why do you have two motion blur layers one global and other for the wagon character? It is just a waste of render to have one top motion blur in a steady scene. The motion blur inside the wagon character is more than enough.
I’m currently rendering the animation. It will take a while. Let’s see if it crashes.

It didn’t crashed. I render the animation using the command line interface and the default settings. I used ffmpeg target and mpeg4 as video codec and 2000 as video bitrate… It complained two times about one ppm image invalid and took about 4 hours to render (I don’t know exactly because the duration time that synfig predicted was always incorrect (more than 3 days)).

Here is the rendered video:

Now I understand why did you put one global motion blur but maybe better you apply the motion blur only for scene 2 and not both scenes.

Now for the monster chicken run to kill that man!.