Morphing question.

Hello there. I didn’t know if this went on Animation discussion, or help, so I put it here.

Okay, so now I am animating this human and I want to do the morphing technique. Well, i actually combined morphing and cutout for this guy… The guy came out okay for the most part.

However, I wanted it to look less cutout and more like morphing. I’m pretty sure I can do this, but Idk the right technique to make this work more easily. What used to do is encapsulate body parts like in a cutout animation (Head, Bicept, Forearm etc.) in their ownl little layers without moving the orgins. It didn’t work out as easy as i thought it would because it was harder selecting what I wanted while keeping the verticies in the same position.

So now what i am trying is moving the encampuslation duck near the body parts. i can now move everything in place, but now I am having sort of a problem. sometimes when I mess around with the rotation, it doesn’t stay the way it supposed to. you know what, never mind this part because it is really hard for me to explain what happens. :unamused: I sorta figured it out, but it just doesn’t look as morphy as i wanted it to.

Anyway, I’m here asking for techniques regarding this.

Any tip is appreciated!


  1. Keep origins at the origin (0,0) of the screen
  2. Don’t link to blind if origins are not at the same place or under different transformation (scale, translation, rotation, etc.)
  3. Do not animate Rotation origin unless you’re Euclides.
  4. If you’re doing character animation, give a try to the stickman template.


The third one was funny!

Thanks for the tips, and I will give the stickman templet a shot