Morevna project - Comics

Recently I got a thought about this.

I knew that Morevna project is suspended. I don’t know about Morevna project’s complete status(script, etc.,). If you have completed script, you could start create comics/graphic novel. Nowadays Manga & Anime are more popular.

I admit that it’s not a simple task. But this could help you raise fund for Synfig. Besides that’ll lead you to make movie.

To avoid risk, first try digital format(gumroad or lulu) & then try print later.

That’s it.

FYI Most funded comics page @ Kickstarter

Got an another idea. Sketchbook.

Yes. You have around six year posts(May 2008 to May 2014) on Morevna website which has art, wallpapers, etc.,

Make a nice sketchbook based on those things. Add a new perk with this reward on campaign.

Hope you got an easy idea for now.

The Synfig community could also do a comic video for youtube to increase publicity. In addition could also use this as a challenge for the community since there’s no animating and can help understand different techniques to create pics.

For example…